Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Educational Technology for Indian History, Arts and Society

Ektara is a digital platform for documentation and dissemination of history, heritage, and cultural legacy of India and South Asia through audio visual and film media. Ektara stresses on authenticity of information, diversity of viewpoints, and an unbiased research and analysis of history and cultural heritage. The Ektara archive comprises of the audio and video materials not only researched and documented especially for this platform, but also materials contributed by other researchers, producers and enthusiasts of history and culture.
This website is meant for use by students, researchers and anyone with a passion to learn more about history, culture and arts.
Let us begin by watching a couple of videos on Indian history and heritage:

Excerpts from the documentary 'Khayal Darpan' about the classical music in Pakistan.

Basant: a short film on the Basant festival celebrated at the shrine of Nizamuddin Aulia at Delhi.

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